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Samarbeidsportalen is the primary information channel from the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digdir) to our customers regarding the collaboration and use of the digital joint solutions.

Samarbeidsportalen includes technical documentation, operational information, previous and upcoming webinar and meetings, statistics and more.

When the terms of use has been accepted you will get entrance to Samarbeidsportalen self-service called “Min profil”. Here you can manage integrations and APIs, get an overview over your company’s services and the status of reported service requests, among other things.

Your company is responsible of keeping required information about your service updated. Especially points of contacts, as e-mail notifications about severe and critical incidents are sent to defined as points of contacts.

Digital joint solutions

Digdir has nine digital joint solutions:

  • ID-porten/Online public services is a common login solution to online public services. ID-porten provides access to services from central and local government. Residents log on to online public services using an electronic ID (eID).
  • Kontaktregisteret is a public register with electronic contact information for residents of Norway. You can retrieve information about which digital mailbox a resident is using, or whether a resident is reserved for digital communication. KRR gives you the mobile number and an e-mail address you must use to notify the recipient when you send digital mail. KRR also contains the residents' language preference.
  • Maskinporten is a solution for access control for companies that exchange data. The solution guarantees identity between companies, and ensures machine-to-machine authentication.
  • eFormidling provides your business with a secure, coordinated and efficient message exchange with businesses and residents.
  • eInnsyn is a joint publication service for central and local government. The agencies use the service to publish their public records online. The public records are then gathered in a common database that is searchable for users. eInnsyn is a partnership between the government represented by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency and the City of Oslo. In eInnsyn you can search for full-text documents and request access to public documents that have not been published.
  • eSignering/eSigning provides businesses with a secure, convenient and efficient handling of documents that require a digital signature. Signing documents electronically saves time and costs, and the service is free of charge.
  • Digital post til innbygger (DPI)/Digital mailboxes is a secure digital solution for receiving and storing important post from public agencies. There are two providers of digital mailboxes, e-Boks and Digipost.
  • ELMA contains an overview of all Norwegian companies that can receive electronic forms in EHF format.
  • Altinn is an internet portal for digital dialogue between businesses, private individuals and public agencies. Altinn is also a technical platform that government bodies can use to develop digital services.